Don’t Mourn, Organize! Is Communism a Pipe Dream—or a Viable Future? | The Brooklyn Rail

Only a council system can combine the centralization required by the complexity of modern societies with participative democracy. Centralization requires formal structures. Participative democracy requires these structures to be transparent. They need to be bottom-up rather than top-down, and delegates must be directly responsible to their constituencies. The council system is the only administrative framework to provide that.

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Torkil Lauesen’s book “The Global Perspective” is published

In 2016 Torkil Lauesen published a book in Danish “Det Globale Perspektiv” about a global view of the world and the development from colonialism untill today and trying to answer the important question “What is to be done”. Now he has rewritten the book for activists globally. The book has been translated to English by the left radical writer Gabriel Kuhn.

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